About Me

Corina Hogan, Artist in Tuam Co. Galway

My name is Corina Hogan nee Lewis and I am an artist currently living in the beautiful West of Ireland Galway.  

I am married to a very patient guy called Eamonn, who has ALWAYS encouraged my mad artistic streak. So much so that he made my lifetime dream come true of having a big wooden cabin as an art room in our back garden.

Lots of thanks to Kevin McHugh also who helped make this happen !! THANKS KEV ! You're a diamond !! 

We have three lovely children, two sons and one daughter and are all very creative in different ways. My daughter now works alongside me when I do classes and I would be lost without her. Thanks Sasha !! You're brilliant x

My lovely friend Patricia is a great inspiration to me both artistically and mentally. !!THANKS Patricia for everything that you are and for keeping me sane !! Spotting all the beautiful early morning sunrises with the dew on the millions of cobwebs through the bog just wouldn't be the same if we didn't share the beauty.

My passion for creativity comes from my lovely Mother, Mol !! She is the real artist in our family and has always encouraged me. I still learn from her to this day xx THANKS MOL !

My Art Room Cabin
I enjoy the simple things in life and get great pleasure in rearing my family and our posse of animals, chickens, dog, bunny and cat). 

My reasons for setting up this website are simple. 

FIRSTLY to have a record of my artwork so that in the future when my brain slows down hahah I will be able to look back and smile at all the creations. 

SECONDLY I love to inspire people to get in touch with their creative side. 

WE ALL have a creative side but most people don't realise this until they step outside their comfort zone and TRY SOMETHING NEW !!! 

We all have secret little dreams of creating things, be it writing a story, poem or novel orpainting a picture of that special moment . 

I promise you will never regret being creative as there is such a satisfaction factor that you made something appear from nothing !!! Brilliant !!! YOU CAN DO IT !!

I also like to inspire children and adults alike to be creative as it is a great way for them to express themselves and also to have pride in their creations.