Knowing how difficult it can be to source the bits and bobs that you need to start off needle and wet felting I have put together a small online shop that provided you with everything that you will need to get started. 

These consist of the smallest needle to kits with everything you require in one package.

If you require any help in choosing what you might need don't hesitate to contact me and I will give you all the help in getting you started. 

Felting is a wonderful hobby and there are no boundaries !! You will LOVE IT , I promise you that xx 


Needle Felt Colour-Coded Guides

If you have misplaced your original Needle Felt Needle Colour Coded Guide, or need another one for any reason you may download and print them from here. The download will be in PDF format and you can view, save or print this document.

I have included 3 different sizes, the small one is like the original one that I send out with the colour coded needles. The other ones are larger and might be used to pin to the wall for your own convenience or useful if you do needle felting classes, or they might be more useful if you find it difficult to read the smaller one.

As well as that, I have provided two versions of each size - one with a yellow background and one without.

Just click on any of the (6) guide cards below to download.

Small Yellow

Medium Yellow

Large Yellow

Small White

Medium White

Large White